There are no accidents

I like divination, but I don’t believe in divining the future. You can’t see what’s coming even with the greatest deck of Tarot cards. Perhaps there are those out there who can see glimpses of the future with open senses, but that is very special and is not usually consistent (of course, this is my opinion). I do believe that “divination” is simply listening to the universe (insert any term you are more comfortable with here). When you deal the tarot and/or throw the coins you are stepping your toe into the river and getting a sense of what it is like. For me, divination is a way to shut out all the “noise” of life in an urban post-industrial lifestyle. If I lived in the countryside or other type of rural area, I probably wouldn’t have to resort to throwing the cards. Actually I don’t have to anyway. I just enjoy the cards and what they have to say. I find it fascinating. But perhaps I see a message in anything.

But as Oogway says in Kung-Fu Panda: There are no accidents.

Piazza Della Minerva 1890--courtesy Library of Congress