daily draw

Daily Draw– just missed that asteroid!

Motherpeace Tarot
So I read on a blog I follow that earth just missed being hit by an asteroid that passed by 40,000 somethings away. Apparently, 1/8th of the distance to the moon. Eek. But that is just the kind of week we are having on earth…although I should probably only speak of my corner of the world. But there seems to be havoc wreaking among us. I don’t even want to begin the list, but my day did begin by picking up a sweet potato only to have my finger sink into its rotten core. Absolutely horrifying to a non-caffeinated soul! Anyway, I digress. Here is today’s random magic/daily draw:

Divination system: Tarot
Deck: Motherpeace Round Tarot by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble
Spread: XIII Death; 10 of Wands; XVI Tower

Can you say EEK?! But not to worry folks- Death does not mean “death” in Tarot…and tarot followers may have heard of the “tower” as being a card of ill-fortune or bad events. That idea is straight out of Hollywood and perhaps gypsies on the road trying to make a buck out of inspiring fear.

Interpretation: Card I– Past: Time of transformation; Card II– Present: Burnout or moment of amazing creativity; Card III– Future: Liberation that hurts (how true that is!).

(Take “future” with a major helping of salt)…