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Daily Draw: Un-Tarot

art by Jessica Galbreth
art by Jessica Galbreth

There are systems that are card-based, but not Tarot.  Witness the many decks created by self-help authors like Louise Hay or Don Miguel Ruiz.  All decks are based on the idea of the “spread” or an order of cards that when put together can be interpreted to say something.  Most of the self-help and other un-tarot systems are based on the philosophy of pulling one card randomly from the deck to elicit a meditation or thought for the day.  Appealing.  Others (like the Rumi deck below) provide spreads.  Spreads are the cornerstone of “random” magic for me.

However today, the random magic today is from an un-tarot deck (one of my current favorites).

Divination System: Un-tarot (cards)

Deck: DESTINY’S PORTAL by Barbara Moore, Art by Jessica Galbreth

Spread: [one card] Nemesis

Interpretation: Whatever you are facing now, positive or negative, is the result of past actions (ie: Karma).  Nemesis (Greek mythology) would deal out justice of the karmic kind.  So, that said– if it is good– have fun, and if negative: there is always something to be learned from mistakes that are made.

(photo of card taken by BKL)

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