daily draw

Double Shot

Here is another dose of divination for the day.  This time based on RHAPSODOMANCY, or some method by which a passage in poetry is chosen and then meaning/prediction derived from it. Yes, folks it is ancient…yes, that is a big reason why I might like it…and the second being that I love words and am a poet too (wow!).  :0  Furthermore, one of my friends (Wendy Ortiz) curates a knock-out poetry series called Rhapsodomancy.  How cool is that! If you are L.A. based you should check it out, and if you are visiting L.A. check it out too!

That said, the method I am using to divine a passage this evening is flipping through the pages with my eyes closed.  The page my thumb is on when I stop becomes the passage for divination.

Book selected for divination THE INK DARK MOON: LOVE POEMS BY ONO NO KOMACHI AND IZUMI SHIKIBU, WOMEN OF THE ANCIENT COURT OF JAPAN, Translated by Jane Hirschfield with Mariko Aratani

(why? because I have been longing for Japan all day)

Poem Divined (p 85) Izumi Shikibu:


the cricket’s song

has no words,


it sounds like sorrow.
MEANING: Feelings are communicated without words.  Do you know what you are communicating?

[this is soo true for today!  it was a day of non-verbal communication of emotion all day!  How often do we betray what we are feeling without recognizing it?  For me, I have to watch out for this because I have to have a game-face on all the time…which I have to admit is very challenging for someone like me.]