random thoughts

(not so) random links

In an effort to keep building this blog, I am currently adding links and other goodies.  I am adding links in the right column for exploration purposes.  Some of them are generators of the random kind and others are just great links for divination and/or any other kind of random thing that moves me.  Feel free to explore one and all.

But one of my secret faves is the Psychic Book Project.  This site features a survey that will generate a book for you to read in one of many genres.  I find it pretty nifty.  Here is what tonight’s divination session suggested for me with the following feedback:

[survey responses–from drop-down menus]

Genre: Poetry

Age: 32-41

Prevailing Mood: Fragile

Right now: RollerCoaster

Future: True

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius


The book divined:  LOADING MERCURY WITH A PITCHFORK by Richard Brautigan