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Ok, so I am too tired and down today to whip out my divination sets for a go at random magic tonight.  Instead I googled “random” and skimmed through some interesting sites.  There were two that intrigued me the most– one of them being a random word generator.  As soon as you get to the page the word has been selected.  The word I received was PALE.  However (note to writers), you could have it generate uncommon nouns or prepositions, or, my favorite, interjections.

Here is the link:Random word generator

And the word of the day:  ATWEEN

Word Type: Preposition

Complexity: Very uncommon

So– I had to look this word up, though I assumed it meant “between” and it does.  Its origin is middle English from about 1350-1400.  So therefore, I derive my personal meaning from this random word that I really miss teaching medieval history to 7th graders.  ‘Tis true, I must admit.

But the site has even a better randomness to it.  It does random sentences and random paragraphs.  Ooh, this is a dream for the dreaded writer’s block moment.

Random sentence:  The child stamps the oppressed broadcast.

Derive what meaning you may for that sentence.  And go to the site when you need to write something fresh and/or think outside the box.  It will definitely help you if you are stuck looking at a problem from one side.

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