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Celtic Random

cxmaj02I will spare you the details on the history of St. Patrick’s Day.  Though I am super tempted to do it. 😉

For tonight’s random magic, I will be pulling from a Celtic Tarot in honor of the holiday.  One thing I have to say about this deck is that it has always been a very authentic.  Hmm. What does that mean? Well, it means that whatever card you pick — it always has some feedback that seems to hit the mark (for me that is).  The author/interpreter of the cards is definitely very gifted.


By: Caitlin Matthews

One card draw:  (7) Adventure of Skill (upright)

Meaning:“Overcoming obstacles. Confrontation. Valor in the face of adversity. Tenacity and perseverance. Standing up for deeply held views. Defending integrity.  Being in a position of advantage, however high the odds.” (p. 75)

The author also offers “soul-wisdom”: “When you are challenged, facing setbacks, or when you are asked to compromise your vision or belief, remember the source of your endeavor.  What do you need to defend resourcefully?”

This card seems appropriate for anyone trying to make it through life in these tough times.