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There are no accidents, part II

Today’s daily draw was part of a non-accident. In other words, I was planning to come home from work today and find a system that I use for divination and pick a card, or throw a rune and see what came up. But instead, I went to an after work appointment with my awesome yoga teacher/reiki master and she had a deck of cards spread out on her coffee table. There are really no accidents. Out of this experience I drew two cards. Unfortunately this deck is a hard one to find. I don’t have any images for you, but I do have a link.

Deck: KRYON CARDS (non-tarot)

Card 1:

Dear One: who is it you will not talk to?  Who is it you will not forgive, dead or alive?  It is time for closure.

And then some time later, I decided to pick out another card.

Card 2:

Don’t think like a human.  You have the ability within you to create anything you wish. Take responsibility for your journey, and make no adjustments out of fear.

All I have to say about this is that card two really kicks some butt.  I love that– don’t think like a human.  I could use that advice on a regular basis.  How about you?

2 thoughts on “There are no accidents, part II”

    1. I can’t answer your first question…only you can. However, the yoga/reiki master was *not* using tarot, but just a meditation card (as I mentioned that the cards were not tarot).


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