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Astrology can be random too…

And you know what I mean because it is much harder to be on the mark with a daily/weekly forecast for the millions of people born within the month of a sun-sign.  I am not a true follower of astrology but I do know that the moon and rising signs in combination with the sun-sign are a greater indicator of personality than the general horoscope– so there it is…more randomness.  In terms of magic– it is like flipping on the radio and hearing the song that was on your mind or the one that just fits the moment.

And as for horoscopes, I prefer those at FREE WILL ASTROLOGY by Rob Brezsny (see below for his Aquarius horoscope).

Aquarius Horoscope for week of March 26, 2009

Nothing but great news for you as far as the eye can see, Aquarius. You’re much more likely than usual to win a contest and be told you’re hot and find loose money on the sidewalk. I bet you’ll also get an invitation that you never imagined possible and an offer to have a conversation with a person you admire. Nor would I be surprised if you finally garner a certain form of recognition you’ve been pining for, get a message that will change your life in a sweet way, and discover a brand new trick for experiencing pleasure. APRIL FOOL! I was exaggerating. Maybe one or two of those wonderful things will happen (at most, three), but not all of them. Don’t be greedy.

Was it magical for you?

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