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The Way

I randomly flipped to a page yesterday morning to see what little tidbit I could reflect upon in my favorite Taoist book called EVERYDAY TAO, by Deng Ming-Dao. It was awesome, and applied instantaneously to my life. That is the beauty of random magic and why I decided to make a blog with this theme. Others might call it synchronicity.

The page/meditation was about finding your personal power and using it responsibly.  The last paragraph is the best part and what really made me stop to think and feel the magic wand over me.  Paraphrasing:  One needs to be like a tigress, both ferocious and nurturing to really follow the way and use personal power appropriately.



[instructions: when the link opens to the amazon reader, type “tiger” into the search field and click on the first link which refers to page 21 to read the entire entry OR fun for you: type in any word and see where it takes you in the book!]