daily draw

Predator or Prey?

I have been thinking about what separates humans from animals (if anything). I think about our connections to the animal kingdom literally almost everyday. Now that I have two sons this musing has only increased.  Lately, I think the only separation might be that humans have a crazy choice that we have to make multiple (if not hundreds) of times in a day: Am I going to be a predator or prey?  There is an incredible amount of jockeying for position once the decision is made too.  Most animals do not have this opportunity.  A lion is a predator, is a predator, is a predator.  Finito.  A gazelle is prey.  Pretty simple.  No choice to be made.  Done deal.  Yes, it is true there are other creatures out there where the line is blurred and there are choices to be made.  I think evolution turns on the idea of choice making.  But who am I?  I am no evolutionary biologist.  Just someone with a deck of cards with animals on each one.

Tonight’s daily draw is from MEDICINE CARDS: THE DISCOVERY OF POWER THROUGH THE WAYS OF ANIMALS by Jamie Sams and David Carson


Method:  One card reflection


Interpretation: Spiders (predators!) represent creative energy (usually female).  Create, create, create! Beware of becoming stagnant because it will poison you and make you resentful.

Um, yeah.  That’s  true for me this evening and probably for someone else out there too.