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Enough Randomness for One Day!

Had to do Jury Duty today.  [eek!]  Let’s just say that means I don’t have the energy to do a daily draw or pull from one of my systems.  However, these days, there is a lot of randomness in jury duty.  It is NOT magical (in my interpretation)…who is to say that it couldn’t be to someone though?

In any case, I was excused in a (not so) random moment and am finished for 12 months (woo-hoo!).  However, coincidentally, someone I knew was on JD at the same time.  And he began talking to me about a case he works on that (coincidentally) is actually about how random (or not) a machine is…ah, more randomness.  It is everyhwere!

But this is about Random Magic…and I just don’t have anything magic for today– except the magic of the kismet that actually is being excused from service after a long, no a/c day in the courthouse!

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