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Game Winning Shots? Random or Magical?

So, most of the known world probably saw Lebron James’ game winning shot last night.  It was the magical moment that won them the game against Orlando and saved them from a loss.  But it wasn’t random.  It was a set shot (meaning it was the play they planned to make with one second left) and so nothing about it was random–except whether or not Lebron would have been able to step into position and take the shot in time. Lots of pressure there.  No doubt.

I am not going to knock it or him.  That was truly impressive, but I prefer the truly random magic of an unplanned clutch shot a la Robert Horry in the series that made him a legend against the Kings…see clip above.  Perhaps I miss the Lakers of old (though old guard folks will say that I didn’t know the true Lakers of old)…however, this is the true random magic.   Unplanned preparation meeting opportunity at the precise moment.  Random.  Magic unfolds.

Correct me.

And for those who prefer my card readings…they will come back but probably not until after my heavy season at work (June 10th-ish)…

2 thoughts on “Game Winning Shots? Random or Magical?”

  1. It’s so nice to relive that moment. I remember when it happened– a huge cheer erupted in my neighborhood (probably all over L.A.) I hope we see some heroics like that in the finals!


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