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Unknown cards

IMG00042One silly system that I have had for a long time and even used in the classroom for writing prompts isn’t a divination system, but a collection of oval shaped mini-cards. Each card descibes “you”. So really it is more like a self-help tool. I have no idea what these cards are called; I got them too many years ago and then I realized that they were best used in creative writing prompts (when stuck).

Here was tonight’s pick:

“You are lost jewels buried in a seaweed forest.”

hmmm.  I would like to think the above is true.  I have simply had one of the toughest weeks in my job ever…but it doesn’t help that this is really just my first year with the ‘end of the year’ stuff because I was out on maternity leave last year.  So I stuck my hand in this tonight and this is what I pulled.  S

Strangely, it has made me feel better.  The idea is magical, but really there was no true magic here.  Or I am just being cynical.  On the other hand, we did get some very fortuitous news today– so there is some magic wandering around here these days.  Magnetic thinking– try it– it works!

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  1. Have you heard of the “Oblique Strategies” cards? They were developed by Brian Eno and a painter named Peter Schmidt back in the ’70s. I think you’d find them interesting (and useful!)



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