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Snake Charm

absnakeIt has been a while since I have had a moment to post.  The end of my work cycle has come and gone, but the new cycle has already begun (!).  Vacation will come soon, but not soon enough.  To keep me going, I decided I would take a couple of days before I had to get in gear again.  In fact, today was refreshingly good.  🙂

And now, I can blog.  To help rejuvenate my spirit for the work-that-never-ends, I decided to use one of my fave divination systems that is Non-tarot.    It is a collection of ceramic amulets created by an artist with her interpretations and readings for each one.  It is geared towards women (sorry guys).  I tend to turn to it when I need a pick-me-up in the confidence/self-esteem area.  The readings make you feel capable of just about anything.  Better than therapy (or your form of self-medication) ;-).


Amulet pulled (see pic above): The Snake

Meaning: Shedding fear/Renewing Hope (I could certainly use that!)

Interpretation Snippet:  Snakes represent creative and transformative life force powers (especially to non Judeo-Christian philosophies and religions).  “You are fierce and fearless, you address all challenges with the desire for personal growth, shedding old fears and repressed feelings, revitalizing dynamic life forces. The snake goddess reminds you that the process of transformation never ends.” (p. 134)

Well, that hit the spot! So nice to read something like that when you are down.  One of the cool features of the readings (for the absolute geek in me) is the history of the particular goddesses that she places before each interpretation.  She also does give a partial listing of world goddesses associated with the symbol.   For those interested– Some of the goddesses associated with the snake (according to Blair) are Persephone, Kali, Coatlicue, Lilith, Medusa, and Erishkegal.

Good times all!  Hope to be back more frequently between now and mid-August!