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The Power of Light/Dragonfly Sign


I read on another’s blog a while back that there is a belief that the first animal/insect/bird (etc) that one sees on the first day of the new year is an indication of the kind of year it will be. In another place I have read that if you are encountering an animal/insect/bird a lot it potentially has a message for you. Attention should be paid to its behavior and/or life cycle to unravel the message.

I do believe this to some extent, and play around with this idea when it hits me in the face. If nothing else the notion serves as an excellent meditation point (especially when all else fails in a hard day).  So in the last 24 hours, I have run into (or more accurately, have been run into by) dragonflies.  Skeptics (what would life be like without them?) will say it is dragonfly season or something of the sort, but most people would agree that dragonflies don’t usually dive bomb into your car on one day and then zoom by your hair the next.  The third occasion of dragonfly sighting was more appropriate to how one normally experiences the dragonfly: flitting about a lotus pond at the Gamble House.

There are books that speak to animal totems and there are decks of cards that help you choose and understand messages from the natural world.  I will pull out those cards this weekend.  But for now, the book is easier to grab.  Try this if you are interested in learning a bit about what animals/insects/birds can teach you:  ANIMAL-SPEAK: THE SPIRITUAL AND MAGICAL POWERS OF CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL by Ted Andrews.

The skinny for tonight is that dragonflies represent the “power of light”.  Their bright, jewel-like colors take time to develop and from that you may derive the meaning that with maturity your own true colors will emerge.  And that little snippet of interpretation is enough to stop me in my tracks.  For that is what I have been reflecting on and hoping for all this week.

So not random, but most magical I think.

Enjoy the evening folks!