random thoughts



It has been a good long while since I posted to this blog (or anywhere else).  My job as principal and mom swallowed me whole and was threatening to digest me.  However, I have been spit back out into the land of the living crazy people and have found a sense of self again.  Prepare for yet more transitions.  I have retooled my typepad accounts and may transfer this blog to that account, but I just can’t decide.  In the meantime here is a random magic update:


I am participating for the first time in NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) and I have to say it has jump started my writing.  Prior to the decision on Oct. 31st that I should and could do it, I hadn’t written a creative word on or offline in over 6 months!   The magical act of signing up for this month of trying to make word count everyday has jumpstarted my right brain (ahh, finally).  I feel like someone needed to hand-crank my engine to get me going.  Perhaps it was the spider bite on my a*s…yes, that’s right. But Thanks to this random bit of magic (signing up for nanowrimo)…I feel rejuvenated mentally even though I am having to make word count in snatches of time at 4:30 in the morning, 15 minute lunch breaks at work, and after the kids are asleep at night.

And secondly, it is magical when you spy your six year old sitting next to a girl of his age (knees almost touching) as the program’s teacher comes to you to let you know that he said he loved the girl and was going to marry her because she shared a sandwich with him.  🙂  Maybe not so random…but no matter– magic is magic.  Later, on our drive home he said he had “fallen in love” with this fairy of a girl because she “plays with me”.  Well, a good marriage usually begins with friends and those of like minds.  So, he is off to a good start.