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Christmas Magic

See the star in the pomegranate?  And you know when you cut an apple in half (horizontally) you can see a star too…actually I am pretty sure many fruits are like that.  If we cut the earth in half would we see a star?  Which brings me to the reason for the post:  Merry Christmas everyone!

The Christmas Season has its own magic…you can feel it in the air and all the disgruntled drivers and shoppers in the world cannot take it away.  Of course– I wrote “Christmas Season” and entitled the post, “Christmas Magic” and well, that is what it is now…but this season is much more ancient than the 1700 year old celebration we have had since the Church doctors set up Christmas to be celebrated during December.  Christ’s birth is not noted in the Bible.  Two of the possibilities about why Dec. 25th was chosen for Christmas have been stated as either the Church’s decision to add nine months from his death assuming that was also his conception (?) or putting it during the time of many pagan (Roman) festivals such as Saturnalia and, of course, the time of the winter solstice (which Romans celebrated on Dec. 25th).

I just have to say that I think the Church Doctors at the Nicene Council (which include one such converted pagan leader) were brilliant for having selected December for his birth.

Anyway, the best magic of this season is the fact that there can be the promise of birth in the middle of a season of death and dormancy.  And I have been thinking that death has its own special kind of magic too, but that is a topic for another post.

May you have a winter season full of Comfort and Joy!

Be Merry!