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Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Retrograde New Year…what could it mean?

Blue Moon

There is going to be a blue moon on NYE this year (for most of the world), a lunar eclipse, and mercury is in retrograde. Wow…what could that mean? In the random magic world it could mean a lot, or maybe nothing. You know it is all astronomical, my dear Watson. Ok, my cheapness is showing. But I make no apologies and have no regrets.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mercury Retrograde phases– there are a number of sites that talk about what it all “means”…Here is one and two…(to name a few).  I just find it amusing that what is supposed to go all flooey right now is communication and electronics…which is poetic because Mercury’s (Hermes) attribution as a god of Rome/Greece is all about communications since he was a messenger god.  But in my experience, the three times a year Mercury appears to be moving backward have definitely been times of trying communication.  Was this because of the retrograde or because people expect to have communication problems?  Well, I am not sure, but I don’t think people’s minds can effect whether or not the cable, car, or computer is acting funky.  And if we can, then we are all a hell of a lot more psychic than we think.

Happy New Year to everyone!  May 2010 be magical and random and everything you want it to be!

**Update** (12/30/09)

Here is a great post about the Blue Moon/Lunar Eclipse for NYE…

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