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Mating Butterflies/Good Year

Mating Monarchs

I took this photo today of these two Monarchs mating at the Huntington Library/Gardens today.  In my photo it is hard to tell, but there are actually two butterflies in the image.  One on top of the other.

We were fortunate enough to see the entire ritual in action.  There was quite a dance in mid-air and even attachment before they decided to couple on the ground.  It wasn’t long before they took off again into more spirals.

The weather was perfect and almost like spring.  It was a gorgeous day and one of the most perfect I have had in many years.  There is nothing better than being pinned to the grass by your two little boys (in a giggling fit) and then looking up at the sky seeing blue and majestic trees swaying above you.  A magic moment that.

As we wandered through the rose and herb garden, we were met with butterflies everywhere bounding through our path as if we were flowers too.  And we even saw one caterpillar in mid-cocoon spinning/making.  There was a serious amount of creative magic in this place and it is not even mid-winter yet.  Though I guess in SoCal this qualifies.  I view all of this as evidence of a great year.