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For me, Year of the Phoenix

A Woman's Truth Workshop

I am pretty sure it will soon be the year of the metal tiger in Chinese Astrology, but for me it is already the year of the Phoenix.  The phoenix was the first creature I observed on New Year’s day in 2010…Yes, Phoenix.  Technically, the creature should be a living thing, but I didn’t notice any living creatures flitting about on New Year’s day.  The first creature I saw was Rose Parade’s phoenix float (in person– standing with my sons at the end of the parade route) and it shimmered in the bright light and caught my attention.  When later I remembered I needed to look /think of the message from the animal world– the float was the only thing I could remember.  And, it fit somehow.

I have a great feeling about 2010.  We can all re-define and re-imagine ourselves in 2010 (aka– Phoenix!).  That is why I am committing to do a series of workshops with a teacher/nutritionist/Reiki master I really like.   I think I can handle a workshop once a month do be kinder to myself so I can be good to everyone else.  Yes,  the self re-imagined…what a concept!  So see this link to Miranda Barrett’s workshop and if you live in/around the San Gabriel Valley– consider signing up!  She is a gifted and realistic ‘whole’ life educator who is very intuitive about what each person needs.  And if the workshop is not for you– I recommend having a reiki, nutrition, or yoga session with her.  If you sign up– mention this post! 🙂