Finding Paul Newman’s Future

I knew I wanted to do a post tonight on the I Ching which is an ancient Chinese text and divination system used once by emperors in Ancient China. Today you can visit various sites online to get free readings.  Not just for emperors anymore.

The beauty of I Ching is that you just need a book of the possible readings and three coins in order to work the divination.  Pretty much standard divination stuff here.  I do have a special set of coins I use and two different texts, but I have to say tonight I am too lazy to take pictures of my set/s.  I am also way too tired from caring for my ill young ones to do a reading for myself.  I know a reading would be fun for all, but I just can’t do it.  So here are a couple links, and by the way, one of them has links to the readings for the ‘day’ for celebrities…you can find readings for today for folks like Jennifer Aniston, Harrison Ford, and Paul Newman.  Yes, that is right folks– Paul Newman who passed away some time ago.  His reading for TODAY is on this site.  This site is the definition of Random Magic! 🙂  They also sport in Bibliomancy (or randomly selected readings from holy books).  I clicked on Paul Newman’s for today and was pleasantly surprised to see what it said for the “future” until I realized I had clicked on Paul McCartney!  Drat!

The most disappointing part of this site is that there was no reading for Johnny Depp.  Truly unfortunate.

Anyway, enjoy the fun and try a reading for yourself.  🙂

Retiring to hibernate for the evening.