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Urban Dictionary

It is my opinion that the history in the better part of the 21st century will be written by the people (all people, and yes, that does include under-educated folks).  The thing I like about it is how dynamic our world has become — well, it has always been dynamic, but with the digital age in hyperspeed it is that much more so.

This new decade is of the social media networks and the personally written and edited information.  Information overload and “connection” everywhere and yet, we are still so isolated.  I am reminded here of ST Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (water,water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink).  The people are reaching and searching for connection in our little lost world and so they are constructing it one crazy definition at a time…

If you need a hit of randomness, check out Urban Dictionary and click on “random” and get an everyman defined word.  It could be scintillating, scary, or in my case, pornographic.  Which is typical.  And so I clicked on random two more times and received words on the edge…and because I am not completely sure of my readership, I decline to state what those words were.  Click random yourself and enjoy the messy magic of average people writing history.