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Partly Cloudy…

Feeling Zen

Woke up this morning and shopped at Whole Foods for veg and Kefir (goat’s milk, that is).  Went to woman’s workshop and studied “movement” that I would do willingly as opposed to that which I might have to will myself to do.  Sigh…not much of anything comes to mind.  I despise all activities that are formal exercise.  However, while there, the teacher had a table with a deck of Tarot cards face down and spread around a vase.  I couldn’t help but want to pull from them.  So I did…hey, that was a willing movement! 😉

I pulled The High Priestess (abandon illusion and ignorance) in a deck I do not know the name of.  The back of the card had tiger and jungle illustrations…if anyone knows which deck that was please let me know!

Following this session, I went home straight to the taco truck outside our condo (yum), went to my parents for a pre-Easter celebration so my kids could be treated to gifts from their grandparents and then, the cherry on top of it all…we went out AGAIN as a family! Wow!  For those of you who know me– you know this is UNHEARD of!  We took our kids to see a friend of ours in a band (Artificial Reality) open for a fundraising event for Autism.

We are home now, boys in bed…I am writing this entry, and then, I will (willingly) write some poetry…because it is National Poetry Month and I am doing the Poem-a-Day challenge (which, in my opinion, is WAY easier than the NANOWRIMO challenge).  Last night I wrote an Angry Bunny poem.  That was fun!  Tonight’s prompt is makes you use “Partly” as the opener.  I think it was a partly cloudy day.  I wonder what that will turn up tonight.

Happy Spring and/or Easter or whatever you may celebrate!

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