random thoughts

Worth Living For…

I have come to the conclusion that there are only a handful of things that make life worth living.  The trouble I have had lately is maintaining happiness when all things should be in order.  It has troubled me greatly.  A wise woman told me today that it is not on this plane that we are meant for total happiness.  It is normal if our joy is experienced only in moments or waves.

It has come to me that Art, Music, Poetry (or the Written word), Good Food, and Dance are the only things I seem to care about these days.  They transform us and are able to lift us from pain into pleasure.  They are creative.  They are constantly there when needed.  They show us what we can do and provide hope and connectivity to the Other.

But, of course, there is that picture of the two boys I birthed (the blond one I birthed two years ago today) and they make life worth living too…Love, that is, makes the world go round.  How true.  But the poets have said it better.  I want to take a moment here to honor poets since it is National Poetry month.   Check out Poets.org to get a daily dose of poetry for the day this month.  They also have a cool app called “Poem Flow” which will send poems to your ipod/iphone .99 cents for 100 poems…What a cool deal!  Find a reading, listen to the written word.