Be Careful What you Ask

The other day I thought it would be cool to do a Tarot reading following a spread I saw through the Llewellyn site. It is called the Goddess Archetype spread. I thought it would be fun…there are nine cards in total and each one represents a type of female archetype: Mother, Virgin, Siren, Wise Woman, Hag…you get the idea. Cool, right? Sure. Until you realize that some of the truth is going to be very un-pretty in a Greek tragedy type of way. 

Even with the bad news and the ugly truth that the first card told me I “nurture fear, anxiety, and need for control” as a mother– it was still rather fun and turned out to be a very accurate read of who I am — warts and all.  I liked it…but beware all ye who enter the reading:  it can be hard to look in the mirror.

Um, and the picture above is my way of posting an archetype image– only with three boys in the house, I am rather short on evidence of the female archetypes, so the Darth Vader shirt will have to do. 😉