random thoughts

Dolphin Dream


I dream of large, deep bodies of water often. Therapists will tell you this is probably related to being a woman, sexuality, and lots of unexpressed emotions. Bollocks. For me, these dreams usually have to do with anxiety and repressed disappointment about where I am at this moment in time. In these dreams, I am usually submerged up to my neck and trying to swim away from large mammals (whales mostly). Yeah, all you armchair psychologists, go ahead, analyze it.

Last night my dream was about work (again). I was trying to figure something out and some of my colleagues were helping me…and then we (no surprise) found ourselves in a bay of some sort. The water was turquoise like Cancun. People were in the water everywhere and I couldn’t find what I needed to find. Until some dolphins surrounded us. They were smooth and silky. We touched them and they swam around us. At this point in the dream I realized I wasn’t afraid. The dolphins (at least two of the main ones) turned into a man and a woman. The woman had luxurious long brown hair. She said something to me, but I can’t remember what it was. I just know it was good and felt comforting. I think I asked her if she was “Celtic” and she said yes. I was very excited about her answer.