random thoughts

What Got Me Here

Rocking chair and orange slippers, Vernor’s and Tang.

A healthy love of chopping garlic, lacing olives into every meal.

Stealing shards of pottery from Roman palazzos and Greek Temples.


Let’s just say this is a fragment of Day 2 Poem-A-Day Challenge from the Poetic Asides blog by Robert Brewer and yes, I am going to do this challenge…writing one poem a day is FAR less daunting than a whole novel/novella in a month (which I have epic failed on twice– though it did result in learning that I could actually write over 1000 words a day).  For us poets, writing more than 50 lines in a day is HUGE.  That said, “What got me here” was a lot of writing poetry and reading, reading, reading!

Look ahead friends…I am going to participate (again) in Kelli Agodon’s Poetry Book Giveaway too…can’t wait! 🙂