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August Postcards

Wish You Were Here!







I was feeling a bit spontaneous last week and I signed up for a poetry postcard festival in August at Concrete Wolf.  The deal is you get a list of names (randomly generated) of those who have signed up to receive postcards.  In order to receive a postcard with poetry on it, you must also write a poem on a postcard and send off one postcard per day for the month of August.  I thought this was pretty nifty as a summer project to kick start creativity.

What has surprised me the most so far is that I have a great postcard collection that has been sitting in dust for years.  I am thrilled to be actively doing something with them!

Below is a sample of two poems I am working on which are completely related to the picture on the postcard.  Many of the postcards I have collected are from Japan.  These were inspired by Haiku.  I am not a Haiku writer, but I couldn’t resist doing a couple for the postcards.  A short form works quite well with postcard size.


Tiny jewel, you

are no Ligurian sea

But, I love you still.


At the center of

Kiyumizu’s heart, I stand

holding one blossom.