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Bring on 2012

Cambria Sunset

It has finally arrived.  The last day of 2011.  For some it has been anticipated like the end of a great bout with influenza.  For others, it will be sad to let go of a year.  It is always interesting to watch children as they deal with the ‘letting go’ of things and ideas.  Ideas are like actual living things to children.  And well, who are we kidding?  We love our ideas so much they are like home movies of our pets or children.   We replay them over and over until we make ourselves sick with the projections in our heads.  Letting go is hard but can be therapeutic and, even better, *should* be done regularly.  What are YOU holding onto so tightly that you cannot let go?  Let that be the ‘thing’ you kiss fondly and set down.  Let it go.  Trust me, these things that you let go do fly away and transform into beautiful angels for you.  Be warned though: Rilke was right, “Every angel is terrifying”.  The thing that saves you will at first shatter you, but then you will glow and sparkle as you have not before.

Be brave and bold dear friend, dear self.

~Happy New Year to all, may it bring you peace, prosperity and new visions!


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