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Summer 2012 Reading List (or Wow, it has been a long time…)

August Moon

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I have posted on my blog.  Since March, much has happened, almost so much it can’t be chronicled.  And certainly not here.  I felt the urge to post tonight– well, it is the full moon, and there will be a second one this month.  I do feel like it is a time to “catch and release” the summer and also the past.  I have to return to work on Monday, so it is time.

It has been a summer of reading parts of books.  I haven’t completed very many, and I must report that the majority of my reading has been ‘work-related’…some of my reading has been for the kids too…and that has been quite enjoyable.   To Begin– an incomplete list and I haven’t posted all the links yet.  I will update soon.

1. Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman (wow, great book!)

2. The Power of Protocols (necessary evil for work)

3. Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell (super nifty!)

4. John Adams by David McCullough (lovely piece)

5. Talking to Girls about Duran-Duran (can’t remember author)

6. Dragonsbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs (fantastically awesome!– for the 3rd grade crowd)

7. (I admit it, I read it) Kiss the Dead by Laurell K Hamilton…(just ok)

8. (yep, I downloaded a romantic anthology) Royal Bridesmaids by Laurens, Foley, etc…

9. Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan (ooh la, la, this is a game-changer)

10. The Tools by Phil Stutz (ok, I haven’t received this one yet, but I am going to speed read it before Sept. 1st)

Damn it, I said I would re-read Bradbury this summer, and he hasn’t appeared on this list…I still have some time.  Where did the time go?

I feel as if there are more lurking out there.  I did read a whole host of cooking/food magazines this summer, and I read a thorough amount of archaeology news and essays/writing by friends and colleagues.

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