random thoughts

Making Way for 2013


It is pretty clear that the year of 2012 for me was a year of busy-ness as evidenced by the fact I blogged about four times in the whole of the year.  That does not mean I was so busy that I didn’t have any down-time.  I did still read books (though not many), and I tended to my ever-growing children.  I became more handy at separating work from home, and not beating down my spouse with tales from the trenches. I spent some of my ‘cognitive surplus’ (see TedTalk below) on social networking sites, my current fave being Pinterest.   That is just the thing…for as busy as I have been (and, I argue, all of us have been) we still have time for ‘stuff’…In my case, as the children ready themselves for bed, I am busy looking for Regency attire (and more!) and cataloging all that I find on virtual ‘pinboards’.

At the end of a long year that made me appreciate how I was raised (thanks Mom/Dad/Grandma!)– I have discovered that I seem to have the ‘grit’ necessary to slog through it all.  I find that we (humans) are capable of both miracles and horrors.  The magic and miracles do outweigh the horrors though the media would like us to think otherwise.  Take a deep breath and know that the glass is always full (see this: my new favorite shirt!).

So as 2012 comes to an end, I am committing (thanks, Goethe) to the action of creativity and we will see how far the universe can take me.  I am committing to positive thought, and I am committing to self-care daily.  This train is turning around.  Jump aboard and let’s see where she takes us!  😉