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Summer of Reading (2014)


Here it is folks, the annual “what I am reading” post.  It is a summer of reading to be sure, and I am always excited to figure out what I am most in the mood for.  I am habitual like most of us humans, so I have a pattern to my reading habits.  As soon as the school year comes to a close you can always find me reading the latest Historical (Regency) Romance from a favorite author of mine (Gaelen Foley).  This is my comfort food, and like comfort food, it is predictable and simple.  It is a great way to decompress from all the work-stress that has built up over the school year.  But after that, anything goes.  I’ll read just about anything that moves me.  Missing this year from the collection I have put together (see above) is poetry (!)…If any readers out there have some excellent recommendations, please do share.  YA works are figuring prominently this summer (Wonder, Ninja Librarians, Curses & Smoke).  But my favorite to represent is my friend’s just released memoir, Excavation.  Go out and buy this must-read book.  I warn you, though, it is not for the faint of heart.

If you are interested in a book oracle (of sorts) and are looking for something to read try this:  What Should I Read Next.  It works by you typing in a book you read recently and then it lists others that might be like it.  It isn’t a complete database, but it is pretty good and can give you some ideas.

Enjoy the reading adventure!