Poetry, random thoughts

End of Summer 2014


The tunnel has led us to this place. The end of the summer road.  The journey completes itself and is poised to begin again.  I travel through the blackness of this hewn rock; I am still afraid of the blinding light.  Can I welcome in the new school year?  Does it not feel like a birthing again?  I am always surprised by how I forget this pain every year, and am furnished with new anxiety once again.

I want to thank Zion National Park for this authentic tunnel experience (like no other I have ever had).  The deep black tunnel carved in mountain stone…no reinforcements, no lights, and over a mile of dark without light. If you are claustrophobic at all, it will test your nerves.

At this time of year I am also refreshed by love, children, and perfect moments:


And how poetry reminds us to live in each moment, separately, aware of the present, the past, the fear, and the newness.  All is good, but terrifying…and so we bring our courage to this moment and breathe in fresh strength to accept everything again.  :::just breathe:::

And if you like, you can watch this too: