Christmas Eve, 2014

4-up on 12-24-14 at 1.57 PM #2
Here we are!

Christmas Eve 2014 started out with a last minute rush to a store, though we were unsuccessful at finding what we thought would be the ‘thing’.  In addition, there was baking for Santa (cupcakes), and baking for others (cookies).  We barely had time to snap a photo (above), and for the boys to carol at a teacher’s house.  We were supposed to carol at two teachers’ homes, but time ran away from us and we had to get to our mid-day meal reservation (Houston’s).

Caroling @ Teacher's house
Caroling @ Teacher’s house

We hope to carol at the other teacher’s home on Christmas Day.  🙂

Mid-Day Meal (Year 3)

This is the third year in which we have a mid-day meal at Houson’s (because the boys like it!).  As usual, everyone finds something yummy to eat.  Now, we prepare for the evening celebration at their Uncle’s house where they boys will be waiting to open gifts after those festivities…around 10:30pm or so.  Will Santa come to our house?  Breath is being held.

Much joy to you and yours during this holiday season!