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Welcome 2015!

Let's Celebrate my Friends!
Let’s Celebrate my Friends!

When asked to review this year (beyond what WP said about my blogging habits), I am at a loss for appropriate words.  I could describe this year in some annoying hashtags: #exhausting #neverenoughtime #workaholicdaze #imperfectparenting #perimenopausalproblemsandallthatjazz (read: the really serious stuff never makes it to a hashtag either).  But who wants to read/hear about those items?  The fact is I would rather have my digital footprint really only speak about the awesome-ness of the year.  Yet, everyone knows life is messy, and my life is no exception.

Beyond the #roadtrip there were a whole host of little things that I am proud to say were accomplished this year.  I quietly participated in A Poem a Day to generate some new work (hooray!); I joined a gym toward the end of the year to get some physical fitness in my life; and I golfed for the first time in my life (I didn’t completely suck!)  But the best part of 2014 was spending time with friends (new and old) and family.  I am grateful for having this year of splendiferous adventures!


Have a blessed and beautiful New Year!  May your dreams become realities in 2015! 🙂

Now, bring me that horizon…