Eat the Words…


I want to take a moment to review a friend’s chapbook of poetry.  I love her work and style, and it always delights me to be able to review her poetry!

Cati Porter is a daring poet and creator of spaces, both physical and digital, in which to collect and showcase poets/poetry.  We met over words in the digital sphere many years ago and forged an electronic kinship due to our (often) parallel journey in life with poetry, children, and (if I may say so) a fascination with sensuality in writing.

In her most recent chapbook, The Body, Like Bread, Porter explores the connections between our mortal, flawed and animal selves and the very human magic of crafting meals.  The rhythm and subject is sensual because working with all forms of food in the kitchen is, at its essence, a sensual process.  Kneading bread is like the body’s need for warmth and touch.  The bread comes alive with the careful play on words.

Each poem is a delightful morsel.  I find I am enchanted by how Cati pays attention to the smallest details: broken yoke, softened butter, sharp knife.  Even though the poet proclaims that Every Poem is Not a Love Poem (4), I claim that each poem within is a love verse to the kitchen and cook.

Grab a copy.  Eat the words.