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To Light the Way…

The Annunciation-by Simone Martini (c. 1333)

Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings to all in this celebration of light in the time of darkness. No matter where or from whom the message comes, this is the moment to savor and be grateful for the light.  I am native to Southern California and we are drenched in so much sunlight, we can often take this truism for granted.  Even on the darkest cloudy days, the golden orbs of citrus trees light the way.  Truly, we live a charmed life.

Enjoy the image of The Annunciation– this is in my top 3 of favorite depictions of the Annunciation– the word of god/angel etched in the gold, and the entire masterpiece is encased on gold leaf.  So much light!  Do your own research on it here if you like.  I simply like to stare at this image and use it to prove to others that the so-called ‘dark ages’ and/or medieval period in European was anything but dark.  It was filled with communion, collaboration, and mingling of art and ideas.  Change and transformation constant and roiling.  I am happy to say that scholars have been upending our traditional ideas of the past every day with the vast amount of new research coming into the light.  There, I said it. More light.

Just like always.

Enjoy the season!

Blessings to all!