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Mama always said there would be dragons…


Ok, no she didn’t. Not in those exact words. But the message that there would be pain and storms to endure was definitely clear.

This pic was clicked right outside the building in which I took my first and second SAT. Of course, the exam I took in the mid 80’s, I am told, in no way resembles what I survived. I will argue having not seen the latest version, that for many, it is still something to be survived.

I would like to think these magnolia blossoms represents the blood of a vanquished dragon. Well, at least my dragon. My children are in the throes of the repetitious events of standardized testing. And next week my eldest will take his second of three high school placement exams– well because– the schools need to find ways to eliminate who might not be the best fit. I’m not upset at that. The system works until it doesn’t. I sense the tides shifting. It may take 20 years, but the tests will eventually go the way of the Do-Do.