Life Coaching

If you are in need of a fellow navigator/mentor on your life path— check this post out. Full disclosure: He is my partner and spouse. However, part of the reason we are together is due to his coaching gift. Enjoy!


Often when someone mentions a coach I have a quick flashback to being on a sports team when I was a kid. My recollection of most of my early coaches is a middle aged male who mostly yelled and expected a better effort on the field or court. Later on in life, I became a soccer coach myself and I did find myself yelling, at times, but I also directed and encouraged my players to stay focused and aware. However, it was not ideal for all every athlete because some needed more explanation and support than others.

So where I am going with this? Well, the answer is the helpful life coach. The type of coach that walks with you, listens to your thoughts and beliefs, and helps navigate with you on the path that you are following. But most importantly, it is a collaboration. The power of this dynamic…

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