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The Annunciation, Simone Martini

I spent a bit of time pondering the life of the Virgin Mary today. Looking up at the crescent moon this evening, it felt like I was looking at a desert moon, one that may have hung up in the night sky for the Mother of G_d. What does it mean to be free of sin and bear the Divine? To watch the Divine be sacrificed and ascend? What does it mean for one’s own ascension? What must it have felt like to watch your love (the heart that lives outside your body) die before your eyes?

Death and birth are both difficult and shocking. It is almost winter. Things die to make way for new life. Is that our purpose?

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  1. Beautiful moon tonight inspiring your thoughtful reflections…your words remind me that our personal pain is endured by connecting to the larger story of the world. Thank you for sharing.

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