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Thousand Days of May

We have made it to 1000 days of May. You know what I mean if you are an educator (or harried parent). Sometimes, I have to ask myself if I am still breathing. Yes. We are in the last mile. There are the closure events: graduations, concerts, performances, awards, a series of events almost too numerous to count. However, there are also glimmers of the beautiful light at the end of this long tunnel. It seems impossible, but the surprise of stardust and fairy lights awaits all those who make it through. Every year.

It is a grind, and it is frustrating. It’s hard, and somehow we are never quite hydrated enough. We stop. We breathe. We make our meals even when we want to collapse our heads like the aging chamomile on the windowsill.

Yet, it is the time to revel in the success and completion of everything that has come before. We are everything all at once. We are ready for the march to our seats up the aisle. To have people call out our names to friends, family, the universe. Arise and wake up. We take center stage and breathe. Then, we will rest. We will do it again. Life is good. Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. 

If you find yourself needing a moment to recalibrate in this long month, consider watching a calming video for even a few minutes. See below for one of my favorite ambient videos/channels (pure opinion, no affiliation).