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Feels Like Summer: Book Haul 2023

It has been a few years since I posted my summer TBR pile of books. This year I claim the Summer of Reading for me. This is the first summer in 15 years I will not have to work all the way through. From 2007-2022, I was a middle school director, which meant I did not get summers off, and though I could technically get some vacation time, I could never get more than a few days here or there. And the pandemic made it less possible for me to take consecutive weeks off. Also, I am a recovering workaholic, so there is that. And the workload for a school administrator can be punishing for those who struggle with setting work-life boundaries (also me). But there are lessons for everyone, and those were a few of my lessons.

I am delighted at this stack of glorious reads. There is literary fiction, memoir, poetry (because #poetrysaveslives), non-fiction (for work and pleasure), and beach reads. The image I took does not include all of the Kindle titles I also read, nor does it include a special book club selection that a group of us will annotate. My summer is booked! LOL. My sons have also taken pictures of their hauls, and my husband selected a book to read, too, even though it is getting harder and harder for him to read with his illness. I am grateful for the fact that I can read. I hope you are too.

My Book Haul 2023 (not including Kindle books)
College Son’s Reading Haul
High School Son’s Reading Haul

What’s on your TBR list for Summer?

1 thought on “Feels Like Summer: Book Haul 2023”

  1. I live this, Bridget! I read the 7 Husbands…Not really my jam but it was entertaining. When I’m done with my master’s I intend on going to Vromans on a more regular basis. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a book talk that was fascinating and I resolve to do more of that. I pray for Carlos and hope have found support for the family. I find myself missing the support of the group lately. It would be nice to have a reunion some day. Take care and enjoy your summer of reading!



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