IMG_9414 2Bridget Kelley-Lossada is a writer, educator, mother, and poet-historian who works in Los Angeles and lives with her two (beautiful) boys and one (awesome) husband.

She collects divination systems.  She doesn’t believe divination systems predict the future, but she does believe that the universe provides messages to us everyday.  And sometimes it is fun to deal the cards, throw the coins, or randomly flip to a poem, prayer, or page of a book.  Listen. Listen. Hear it with your eyes.


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  1. Thanks for the follow at School Teacher Superhero! I’m loving getting to connect with new blogs/bloggers. You’re header photo so reminds me of the northern CA coast. Is it?

    1. BKL says:

      It is from around the central coast of CA…Cambria. Have you been?

  2. Yes! I thought I recognized it. I reside on the Central Coast 🙂

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