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Big Poetry Giveaway News!

Thanks for playing with me during the month of April (National Poetry Month!) 🙂   I so enjoy sharing books of poetry.  Now onto the winners!  I selected the winners by dropping the names into Random.org’s list randomizer.  I randomized twice to come up with the following winners:

1) Alexandra: Autobiography of Red

2) Allyson: Blue Arc West: An Anthology of  California Poets


As soon as I get the mailing addresses, I will get these books mailed!



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More Words (poetry for an April day)

As we celebrate National Poetry month do not forget about spoken word. This comes from 2010, but it is timeless which is why we all read poetry (and literature) and pay attention to art.

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Big Poetry Giveaway 2013

My Try Poetry Giveaway

Yes, It is NATIONAL POETRY MONTH! 🙂  I so love this month. Don’t get me wrong, I love many other months as well.  At the end of this April, however, I will be giving away TWO books of poetry.  I will ship them to the winners (selected by the random list generator at random.org) in the first week of May.  Come on, give a shout out to poetry!  It is one of the FEW balms that heals our sore souls as we journey this earth.  Check out the writers who started it all many years ago over at The Alchemist’s Kitchen (Kelli Russell-Agodon and Susan Rich) too!

To Enter: Post a comment at the end of this post with your email address and (first) name if you want to be included in the drawing for the poetry books.

The poetry books I am giving away:


Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson:

She is a contemporary poet/writer I most admire and aspire to be like.  She takes ancient myth and makes it relevant for our times.  You have to chew her work and it may be a hard business, but in the end it’s quite satisfying.  I love the connection between classical stories and our times.  I believe that our ancient twins experienced the same emotional space as we do– just without our particular technological advances.  Though it should be noted that technology has always been faster than the emotional speed of humans.  We live at the edge our own comprehension and so did the ancients.  I think Anne Carson understands and takes advantage of this truth in her work.  She has just released a continuation to this story– Red doc>.

Blue Arc West: An Anthology of California Poets


What better than an anthology to whet your appetite for more poetry?!  I am a (southern) California poet and am proud to be included in this anthology along with some powerhouse poets from this sunny state.  If you enjoy collections and want to experience a kind of California mind this anthology may be for you.

Happy Reading!


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Perfectly Random


You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body

   love what it loves.

~from Wild Geese, by Mary Oliver

The poem, excerpted above, knocks me out.   I have read it a hundred times and have seen it posted and re-posted by friends online and I still can’t get over how it is tuning-fork, goose-flesh-rising-on-arms, true.  It feels like Heaven breaking through a cloud.  Today, this was a most-needed tonic. A random event online that was pure beauty. Serendipitous.  In a week that had one sick child, a flu-ridden adult, a vacation that wasn’t really a vacation because it was filled with applicant files to read and professional reviews to write, and missed visits with dear friends, it felt like Mercury’s retrograde came in a bit early…and I was beating myself up about all the things I hadn’t done and all the ways I am not ‘good enough’. This beating up thing is exhausting.  Fast-forward to this morning.  A balm arrives in the form of a poem.  Poetry.  I think the Persian poet, Hafiz, was absolutely correct: Good poetry makes the universe admit a secret: “I am really just a tambourine, Grab hold, Play me, Against your warm Thigh.”


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Full Moon Reading


Cards for a full-moon.  Past/Present/Future…what do the cards say on a rainy, gloomy day?  Remember where you came from. No matter how hard it gets, you are never alone.  In the future you can rise above petty emotions and delight in the abundance of your relationships.  I like this message.  Nice to have the coincidences of the universe help you out in times of need. 😉  Although I just read this story about putting books (literally, millions of books) into a strand of DNA…and I have no words, except to say as the circle of our knowledge gets larger, all that we don’t know gets more expansive too.  The mind boggles.

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Here’s what I know for Sure..







Here’s what I know, this New Year, for sure: Darlings, it’s later than you think. Always. But there’s still plenty of time. Slip the red dress from the hanger. Tuck the silk flower behind your ear. Hide the scale and head out the door. The rest of your one and only life is waiting.

I will if you will.

Let’s go.

~Lily Burana


I am stunned by the appropriateness (for my life) of this random story posted on FB by an author whose work I admire.  Just today I experienced a body image meltdown (not my first), and after many shed tears I feel I can finally move into a new place.  I am on the precipice of entering the mid-forties. Releasing self from torture is the best medicine.  Truly the story (above) is a dose of random magic and ever so un-accidental in my little life.  Thank you universe!

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Tree Tarot






I found this tarot deck quite accidentally (one might say– randomly…). while looking for something specific on Etsy.  I am attracted to this deck for some known and not so known reasons.  If you have someone on your gift list that is hard to buy for and likes items of the metaphysical nature, this could be it.  Seriously.

Or maybe I should just put it on my Christmas list!  😉


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August Postcards

Wish You Were Here!







I was feeling a bit spontaneous last week and I signed up for a poetry postcard festival in August at Concrete Wolf.  The deal is you get a list of names (randomly generated) of those who have signed up to receive postcards.  In order to receive a postcard with poetry on it, you must also write a poem on a postcard and send off one postcard per day for the month of August.  I thought this was pretty nifty as a summer project to kick start creativity.

What has surprised me the most so far is that I have a great postcard collection that has been sitting in dust for years.  I am thrilled to be actively doing something with them!

Below is a sample of two poems I am working on which are completely related to the picture on the postcard.  Many of the postcards I have collected are from Japan.  These were inspired by Haiku.  I am not a Haiku writer, but I couldn’t resist doing a couple for the postcards.  A short form works quite well with postcard size.


Tiny jewel, you

are no Ligurian sea

But, I love you still.


At the center of

Kiyumizu’s heart, I stand

holding one blossom.


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Summer Reading List

Getty Villa (Summer '09)

It’s that time again!  Sometimes I wonder if I was drawn to a career in education simply due to the fact that summer meant a slower pace and a huge pile of books to read!  Now that I am mostly an administrator, it means that I don’t get the long teacher time off, but I still the space in which to feel like there is time for uninterrupted yummy reading.

The List (in no particular order):

  • Nox (Anne Carson)
  • Traveling with Pomegranates  (Sue Monk Kidd; Ann Kidd)
  • The Alchemist’s Kitchen (Susan Rich)
  • Bellocq’s Ophelia (Natasha Tretheway)
  • Seven Secrets of the Savvy School Leader (Robert Evans)
  • Bullet (Laurell K Hamilton)
  • A New Earth (Eckhart Tolle)
  • The Female Brain (Louann Brizendine, MD)
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (Stieg Larsson)
  • How to Make Money in Stocks (William O’Neill)
  • My Dangerous Duke (Gaelen Foley)
  • The Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron)
  • Fool Moon (Jim Butcher)
  • The Plague of Doves (Louise Erdrich)
  • Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)
  • Tarot for Writers (Kenner)
  • Some Girls: My Life in a Harem (Jillian Lauren)
  • Assorted professional development articles (from Educational Leadership, etc)
  • Assorted primary sources for developing new lessons for American History class

Reading to my Son:

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (JK Rowling)

I linked the first few books because they might not be as well known as some of the others (and most definitely are worth a peek!).  As you can see a pretty eclectic mix of books, just the way I like it.  And, of course, I have no idea if I will get through all of them, but I know I will try…can’t wait.   I am very ready to sink my teeth into Nox tonight!

Happy Reading all!

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Congratulations to the two winners for the poetry book giveaway! With the help of Random.org I was able to select two lucky commenters.

Laurie has won Letters to the World and Je Maverick has won the copy of Paz’s A Tale of Two Gardens!