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End of Summer 2014


The tunnel has led us to this place. The end of the summer road.  The journey completes itself and is poised to begin again.  I travel through the blackness of this hewn rock; I am still afraid of the blinding light.  Can I welcome in the new school year?  Does it not feel like a birthing again?  I am always surprised by how I forget this pain every year, and am furnished with new anxiety once again.

I want to thank Zion National Park for this authentic tunnel experience (like no other I have ever had).  The deep black tunnel carved in mountain stone…no reinforcements, no lights, and over a mile of dark without light. If you are claustrophobic at all, it will test your nerves.

At this time of year I am also refreshed by love, children, and perfect moments:


And how poetry reminds us to live in each moment, separately, aware of the present, the past, the fear, and the newness.  All is good, but terrifying…and so we bring our courage to this moment and breathe in fresh strength to accept everything again.  :::just breathe:::

And if you like, you can watch this too:

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Big Poetry Giveaway News!

Thanks for playing with me during the month of April (National Poetry Month!) 🙂   I so enjoy sharing books of poetry.  Now onto the winners!  I selected the winners by dropping the names into Random.org’s list randomizer.  I randomized twice to come up with the following winners:

1) Alexandra: Autobiography of Red

2) Allyson: Blue Arc West: An Anthology of  California Poets


As soon as I get the mailing addresses, I will get these books mailed!



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More Words (poetry for an April day)

As we celebrate National Poetry month do not forget about spoken word. This comes from 2010, but it is timeless which is why we all read poetry (and literature) and pay attention to art.

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Big Poetry Giveaway 2013

My Try Poetry Giveaway

Yes, It is NATIONAL POETRY MONTH! 🙂  I so love this month. Don’t get me wrong, I love many other months as well.  At the end of this April, however, I will be giving away TWO books of poetry.  I will ship them to the winners (selected by the random list generator at random.org) in the first week of May.  Come on, give a shout out to poetry!  It is one of the FEW balms that heals our sore souls as we journey this earth.  Check out the writers who started it all many years ago over at The Alchemist’s Kitchen (Kelli Russell-Agodon and Susan Rich) too!

To Enter: Post a comment at the end of this post with your email address and (first) name if you want to be included in the drawing for the poetry books.

The poetry books I am giving away:


Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson:

She is a contemporary poet/writer I most admire and aspire to be like.  She takes ancient myth and makes it relevant for our times.  You have to chew her work and it may be a hard business, but in the end it’s quite satisfying.  I love the connection between classical stories and our times.  I believe that our ancient twins experienced the same emotional space as we do– just without our particular technological advances.  Though it should be noted that technology has always been faster than the emotional speed of humans.  We live at the edge our own comprehension and so did the ancients.  I think Anne Carson understands and takes advantage of this truth in her work.  She has just released a continuation to this story– Red doc>.

Blue Arc West: An Anthology of California Poets


What better than an anthology to whet your appetite for more poetry?!  I am a (southern) California poet and am proud to be included in this anthology along with some powerhouse poets from this sunny state.  If you enjoy collections and want to experience a kind of California mind this anthology may be for you.

Happy Reading!