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Summer 2014

Our children are exploring all kinds of things this summer from Archery to fencing to woodworking. Fun for everyone each day! Oh and let’s not forget about the World Cup too! Italy is out, but Colombia has a real chance. I’m rooting for The Netherlands in honor of a good friend. They look awesome this year! In any case, we are preparing for a road trip. My hope is to post frequently this summer!


random thoughts

Summer Reading List (Redux)


After all that I am not even reading anything from the list I posted last week.  It is probably not surprising to most of you experienced lurkers out there.  Most of what we see online is a ‘curated’ image of people.  What I post of my life follows this philosophy too.  There are so many things that I won’t write or post for a variety of reasons, and the items I do post are only what I want the ‘public’ (even if that public comprises relations and friends) to see about my experience.  I am quite sure that this is the reason depression skyrockets in adolescents (and adults) when the constant perusal of social media only shows images of perfect vacations, dream dates, exotic food and the like.  Ok, I admit, I don’t read overly negative content though I know it exists too which probably makes the depression quotient that much worse.

But I digress.

I think it is interesting to note that I am reading two books that came to me by chance, random magic, if you will.  The first book (with iced-coffee) is pictured above: The Dead Travel Fast: Stalking Vampires from Nosferatu to Count Chocula. If you are a history/vampire nerd like me– this is a great read.  I love Eric Nuzum’s tone and self-deprecating sense of humor.

Also, I am reading a chick-flik of a book in A Thousand Days in Venice by Marlena di Blasi.  I have to say it is quietly satisfying.  It is a slow burn of a book.

I am just noticing that other than Martian Chronicles and The Hound of the Baskervilles (which I have read/am reading for a tutoring client), I am reading quite a bit of non-fiction.  I think this is odd…but maybe I should not be too surprised. I find a lot of life pretty fascinating.  Fiction is great, but reality is more zany most of the time.


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Perfectly Random


You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body

   love what it loves.

~from Wild Geese, by Mary Oliver

The poem, excerpted above, knocks me out.   I have read it a hundred times and have seen it posted and re-posted by friends online and I still can’t get over how it is tuning-fork, goose-flesh-rising-on-arms, true.  It feels like Heaven breaking through a cloud.  Today, this was a most-needed tonic. A random event online that was pure beauty. Serendipitous.  In a week that had one sick child, a flu-ridden adult, a vacation that wasn’t really a vacation because it was filled with applicant files to read and professional reviews to write, and missed visits with dear friends, it felt like Mercury’s retrograde came in a bit early…and I was beating myself up about all the things I hadn’t done and all the ways I am not ‘good enough’. This beating up thing is exhausting.  Fast-forward to this morning.  A balm arrives in the form of a poem.  Poetry.  I think the Persian poet, Hafiz, was absolutely correct: Good poetry makes the universe admit a secret: “I am really just a tambourine, Grab hold, Play me, Against your warm Thigh.”


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Here’s what I know for Sure..







Here’s what I know, this New Year, for sure: Darlings, it’s later than you think. Always. But there’s still plenty of time. Slip the red dress from the hanger. Tuck the silk flower behind your ear. Hide the scale and head out the door. The rest of your one and only life is waiting.

I will if you will.

Let’s go.

~Lily Burana


I am stunned by the appropriateness (for my life) of this random story posted on FB by an author whose work I admire.  Just today I experienced a body image meltdown (not my first), and after many shed tears I feel I can finally move into a new place.  I am on the precipice of entering the mid-forties. Releasing self from torture is the best medicine.  Truly the story (above) is a dose of random magic and ever so un-accidental in my little life.  Thank you universe!

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Making Way for 2013


It is pretty clear that the year of 2012 for me was a year of busy-ness as evidenced by the fact I blogged about four times in the whole of the year.  That does not mean I was so busy that I didn’t have any down-time.  I did still read books (though not many), and I tended to my ever-growing children.  I became more handy at separating work from home, and not beating down my spouse with tales from the trenches. I spent some of my ‘cognitive surplus’ (see TedTalk below) on social networking sites, my current fave being Pinterest.   That is just the thing…for as busy as I have been (and, I argue, all of us have been) we still have time for ‘stuff’…In my case, as the children ready themselves for bed, I am busy looking for Regency attire (and more!) and cataloging all that I find on virtual ‘pinboards’.

At the end of a long year that made me appreciate how I was raised (thanks Mom/Dad/Grandma!)– I have discovered that I seem to have the ‘grit’ necessary to slog through it all.  I find that we (humans) are capable of both miracles and horrors.  The magic and miracles do outweigh the horrors though the media would like us to think otherwise.  Take a deep breath and know that the glass is always full (see this: my new favorite shirt!).

So as 2012 comes to an end, I am committing (thanks, Goethe) to the action of creativity and we will see how far the universe can take me.  I am committing to positive thought, and I am committing to self-care daily.  This train is turning around.  Jump aboard and let’s see where she takes us!  😉

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Summer 2012 Reading List (or Wow, it has been a long time…)

August Moon

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I have posted on my blog.  Since March, much has happened, almost so much it can’t be chronicled.  And certainly not here.  I felt the urge to post tonight– well, it is the full moon, and there will be a second one this month.  I do feel like it is a time to “catch and release” the summer and also the past.  I have to return to work on Monday, so it is time.

It has been a summer of reading parts of books.  I haven’t completed very many, and I must report that the majority of my reading has been ‘work-related’…some of my reading has been for the kids too…and that has been quite enjoyable.   To Begin– an incomplete list and I haven’t posted all the links yet.  I will update soon.

1. Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman (wow, great book!)

2. The Power of Protocols (necessary evil for work)

3. Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell (super nifty!)

4. John Adams by David McCullough (lovely piece)

5. Talking to Girls about Duran-Duran (can’t remember author)

6. Dragonsbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs (fantastically awesome!– for the 3rd grade crowd)

7. (I admit it, I read it) Kiss the Dead by Laurell K Hamilton…(just ok)

8. (yep, I downloaded a romantic anthology) Royal Bridesmaids by Laurens, Foley, etc…

9. Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan (ooh la, la, this is a game-changer)

10. The Tools by Phil Stutz (ok, I haven’t received this one yet, but I am going to speed read it before Sept. 1st)

Damn it, I said I would re-read Bradbury this summer, and he hasn’t appeared on this list…I still have some time.  Where did the time go?

I feel as if there are more lurking out there.  I did read a whole host of cooking/food magazines this summer, and I read a thorough amount of archaeology news and essays/writing by friends and colleagues.

random thoughts

Musings on a Rainy Day

I learned some things while on my 12 day jury duty stint:

1. People only tell their version of the truth, which may include a lot of lies.
2. The waiting is the hardest part.
3. Food is a great balm.
4. Violet’s Cakes cupcakes are worth every penny.
5. There is nothing like hot tea and fresh scones (with cream) on a cold day.
6. The Chaos theory is not just a theory.
7. Birth and Death are really intertwined.
8. Your children are lovely even as they test your patience every minute.
9. Nothing really matters and It all matters in the same moment.
10. Taoism still appeals to me after all these years, even as I struggle against losing control.