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Feels Like Summer: Book Haul 2023

It has been a few years since I posted my summer TBR pile of books. This year I claim the Summer of Reading for me. This is the first summer in 15 years I will not have to work all the way through. From 2007-2022, I was a middle school director, which meant I did… Continue reading Feels Like Summer: Book Haul 2023

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May is for Mothers

And mothers may weep from all the change even though it is good. View from the Dorm I drove up to get our oldest from his first year at college. He had a picture-perfect first year, with the many ups and downs of a young man trying on adulthood, practicing decision-making, including the kind that… Continue reading May is for Mothers

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Thousand Days of May

We have made it to 1000 days of May. You know what I mean if you are an educator (or harried parent). Sometimes, I have to ask myself if I am still breathing. Yes. We are in the last mile. There are the closure events: graduations, concerts, performances, awards, a series of events almost too… Continue reading Thousand Days of May

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Promises to Keep

It has been a minute since I posted here, and I still keep running into lizards everywhere I go. There have been many transitions for me this school year, and the processing for them has been all-consuming. Moving out of 15 years in administration back to the classroom and other hybrid roles has left me… Continue reading Promises to Keep


The Year of Meeting Lizards

Or how to slough off the past and be (more) fearless Hint: One toe at a time. The tail will grow back. In the past year, I have met more than a dozen lizards in different forms and phases of their lives. I have never encountered as many lizards as I have in the past… Continue reading The Year of Meeting Lizards

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That was the River– This is the Sea

These things you keep, you'd better throw them away. from This is the Sea, The Waterboys (Michael Scott) I can't get this song out of my mind. It is a lovely, haunting melody by The Waterboys from their third album. I listened to it on repeat back in college (in the dark ages, aka the… Continue reading That was the River– This is the Sea

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It’s Time…Are You Ready?

And just like that, the year is here, and we are ready (almost) to go. Are you ready? Or are you, like me, not quite prepared, not sure when I will be ready, but the tumbling of time will not stop, so I must proceed. One son began high school, and we will move our… Continue reading It’s Time…Are You Ready?

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Summer’s End: Making Way for Change

When you gaze at the horizon and see nothing but change, it's time to reimagine yourself. Hello, it's nice to meet you! I am a 30-year veteran middle school educator, having spent 15 years as a middle school director. I never left the classroom and have been fortunate to teach during the time I led… Continue reading Summer’s End: Making Way for Change

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The Annunciation, Simone Martini I spent a bit of time pondering the life of the Virgin Mary today. Looking up at the crescent moon this evening, it felt like I was looking at a desert moon, one that may have hung up in the night sky for the Mother of G_d. What does it mean… Continue reading Immaculate

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Giving Thanks

I was raised between the kitchen and dining room table, flitting between cutting board and stove. Learning the lessons of taste over the chopping of onion and garlic. The transmutation of anchovy into love as it melts into tomato sauce. The spoken prayer after sliding cookies into the oven. I know that the magic of… Continue reading Giving Thanks