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May is for Mothers

And mothers may weep from all the change even though it is good. View from the Dorm I drove up to get our oldest from his first year at college. He had a picture-perfect first year, with the many ups and downs of a young man trying on adulthood, practicing decision-making, including the kind that… Continue reading May is for Mothers


The Year of Meeting Lizards

Or how to slough off the past and be (more) fearless Hint: One toe at a time. The tail will grow back. In the past year, I have met more than a dozen lizards in different forms and phases of their lives. I have never encountered as many lizards as I have in the past… Continue reading The Year of Meeting Lizards

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Summer’s End: Making Way for Change

When you gaze at the horizon and see nothing but change, it's time to reimagine yourself. Hello, it's nice to meet you! I am a 30-year veteran middle school educator, having spent 15 years as a middle school director. I never left the classroom and have been fortunate to teach during the time I led… Continue reading Summer’s End: Making Way for Change