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Summer’s End: Making Way for Change

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I’m Back, and I am Thrilled to Share this with you…

I am back! It has been too long, but life offers us twists and turns along the way. If you know me, you know that I appreciate randomness and the magic of what appears random. If you are new here know that it is my intention to bring topics and conversation about creativity, writing, tending to joy, and random magic back to this page.

Right now, I am thrilled to share my friend Laraine Herring’s new book is out soon! It’s got ghosts and ravens! I am beyond excited to read her speculative memoir. Laraine is a graduate from Antioch University’s MFA program (like me!).

If you haven’t pre-ordered this book yet, there is still time!

If you would like a SIGNED copy use THIS LINK



I can’t wait for my copy of the book to come! You can check out Laraine’s web presence at https://www.laraineherring.com/ From there she has connected activities related to A Constellation of Ghosts. Perhaps you might want to speak to your dead. There is #onemorechance to connect HERE.

Thank you!

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Live the Creative Life

Introducing Summer Creativity Workshop Series!

Monrovia, CA

I am super excited to be able to offer a series of creativity workshops this summer designed to help us deal with this chaotic, busy life and find connection. The last thing we feel is creative with all the demands of our post-modern world.  However, creativity is the tool that, when cultivated, offers us a sense of meaning and purpose.  Enhancing our natural creativity will ultimately allow us to be a better architect of our here and now, and help us find our way to harmony.

The first session is almost sold out! There are two spots left— check out the Insta post below for details. Check back here and on Insta in the upcoming weeks for new workshop announcements.

Session 1: In Vino Veritas: Wine, Whine & Write (5/31)– Only 2 spots left!

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10 Seconds to Zen (post 5)

Rhapsodomancy (in honor of National Poetry Month)

Go. Go now to your bookshelf (do you have one in your home or office? I sure hope so.).  Quickly glance at your books of poetry or literature, and pick the first one you find (no more than 5 seconds) Close your eyes (6).  Open the book to a random page (7). Open your eyes, and wherever they focus, read (8,9,10).  What hits you?  What word or phrase stuck with you?  Was there some magic or message for you?  Just this act alone can bring a sense of peace very quickly.  In 10 seconds. You might want to take more seconds, but the initial action to change the moment, the first ten seconds is the most important. You can change how you feel with ten seconds of effort.  Evolving your mindset gets easier with practice.

This practice of randomly picking a poetic passage and finding meaning is called: Rhapsodomancy. Besides being an awesome word, it was once a great poetry reading series run by a favorite writer of mine, Wendy Ortiz. Rhapsodomancy captures two of my loves: poetry and random magic.  I practice this kind of whimsical divination often; it is great for curing the blues.

Today’s 10 seconds–from the book I selected off my work shelf…

The Great Religions (by Hafiz)


Great religions are the


Poets the life


Every sane person I know has jumped


That is good for business

Isn’t it


If you have never tried rhapsodomancy, try it today. It might just give you a little weekend peace!

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10 Seconds to Zen…

Ginger, Tumeric Tea

Peace finds us if we prepare the way for it.

Peace, or a sense of calm/Zen had always eluded me as a child and younger adult. I used to think finding it was going to be outside my skill set– reserved for the wiser, more patient folks. I always had hope though– and that may be why I never gave up the quest. Hope, I am told, is a very human trait (emotion?), and I believe hope is what allows us to be creative problem solvers. Without hope what is the point of moving forward? Hope is futuristic and revolutionary. Hope, creativity, and skill is what drives innovation forward. Hope is not fluffy as some might suggest. It is downright necessary, and the stuff of radical positivity– it is the superhero battling entropy.

However, I digress. Back to the original topic: Peace. It IS possible to find a sense of peace or Zen (whatever you wish to call it) if you train yourself to be accustomed to it. You don’t have to be a Buddhist. You don’t have to spend all day meditating or doing yoga. All you need is a dash of childish wonder, and the willingness to begin a routine. I am no yogi nor master teacher, but I have found some calm in this ferociously beautiful and sometimes crazy chaotic world. I would like to share how I got there with you in an upcoming series of posts.

I believe all you really need is 10 seconds and regular practice. What your grandmother told you may be right after all, “Count to ten before you say anything you regret.” Great sage advice. In our hyper fast paced world, 10 seconds is a long time. I wonder when we will begin to divide time into nanoseconds. I am fairly certain it’s possible. Because all things are possible.

Today, I found peace in the ten seconds it took me to breathe in the sweet aroma of the fresh brewed pot of my ginger, turmeric tea while sitting quietly watching the date palms sway in the spring breeze.  What peace will you find in your 10 seconds?

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Making Way for 2013


It is pretty clear that the year of 2012 for me was a year of busy-ness as evidenced by the fact I blogged about four times in the whole of the year.  That does not mean I was so busy that I didn’t have any down-time.  I did still read books (though not many), and I tended to my ever-growing children.  I became more handy at separating work from home, and not beating down my spouse with tales from the trenches. I spent some of my ‘cognitive surplus’ (see TedTalk below) on social networking sites, my current fave being Pinterest.   That is just the thing…for as busy as I have been (and, I argue, all of us have been) we still have time for ‘stuff’…In my case, as the children ready themselves for bed, I am busy looking for Regency attire (and more!) and cataloging all that I find on virtual ‘pinboards’.

At the end of a long year that made me appreciate how I was raised (thanks Mom/Dad/Grandma!)– I have discovered that I seem to have the ‘grit’ necessary to slog through it all.  I find that we (humans) are capable of both miracles and horrors.  The magic and miracles do outweigh the horrors though the media would like us to think otherwise.  Take a deep breath and know that the glass is always full (see this: my new favorite shirt!).

So as 2012 comes to an end, I am committing (thanks, Goethe) to the action of creativity and we will see how far the universe can take me.  I am committing to positive thought, and I am committing to self-care daily.  This train is turning around.  Jump aboard and let’s see where she takes us!  😉